Best Non Stick Frying Pan Set (Without Teflon) Review

non-stick pan set

Here I’m going to review what I honestly think is the best non stick frying pan set.

It’s called Gotham Steel and this set includes 9 ½”, 11” and 12 ½” pans, without teflon*.

non-stick pan set

These are coated with titanium ceramic non stick coating, making them 1000% metal utensil safe. They are also going to be dishwasher safe and they can go into the oven up to 500 degrees.

This is cookware that is aluminum at its core and then it’s coated with this amazing nonstick, not just any ceramic nonstick, it’s titanium ceramic.

Gotham Steel Review

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If you are going to do a flatbread, you can put your cheese right on this pan before anything else. So you are going to melt the cheese in the pan first and then hit it with your flatbread. There’s going to be no stick. And with a flip of the wrist, you can make your flatbread pizza in less than two minutes.

You wouldn’t be very comfortable or confident doing that in other pans because it could end up being a mess or could stick.

best non stick frying pan

Amazing thing about these frying pans is anything you use on it, from a meat hammer to metal tongs, it will not scratch and it will just maintain its integrity because of that ceramic coating.

It’s incredibly well-made, it has riveted handles and these handles stay cool on any stove-top but they will get hot if you put them in the oven, that’s true of anything that’s made of metal.

Clean up is very easy! You can put them in the dishwasher but you can also use a little wet soapy sponge or a dry fiber towel and wipe these out in no time flat.

You’ll love the fact that this is a durable, strong cookware. This is titanium ceramic nonstick, nothing like it on the marketplace. This is aluminum cookware so you’ve got the superior conductor of heat. This will work on every stove top, except induction.

A 12 and a half inch pan is really big. You can have four great big strip steaks in there. This is no joke, you’re looking at a tremendous capacity in that 12 and 1/2 inch. You get a really marvelous size in the 11 inch as well.

If this next fact doesn’t make you want to buy this product, I don’t know what else I can tell you.

You can put in the pan 8 eggs, put a metal hand mixer in the pan, on the highest speed, and there will be no scratch marks, not even one!

This is metal utensil safe like nobody’s business! Don’t think for a moment you’re going to pick this up and think it’s thin or flimsy. This pan is super strong. Very well-made, it is amazing!

best non-stick pan without teflon


You can find some negative reviews on the internet about this non stick frying pan. Some people say that everything sticks, especially eggs.

The reason for their bad experience is the fact that they did not read the instructions. They have the pan too hot for the eggs.

You need to warm the pan and cook eggs over low or medium, with no grease or butter. You can do it easily with an electric range. However, gas ranges keep heating no matter how low you set the flame.

Almost all sticking problems happen with gas ranges, where even a low flame will raise temperature quickly beyond medium.

Customer Review of the Best Non Stick Frying Pan

Gotham Steel Review- As Seen On TV Non-stick Pan

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Hi, I’m Paris and I saw late-night TV commercial for the Gotham Steel pan. They were cooking everything in this. They were even burning things in it and it just wiped clean.

So out in the kitchen I’ve got some eggs, I’ve got some meat, I’ve got some peppermints with the wrappers on. Let’s see what happens.

This is the as seen on TV Gotham Steel pan. No oil or butter needed to cook. You can use a mixer, you can use a spoon, a fork, you can’t easily scratch it, they say.

Nine and a half inch diameter. I picked this up for just over 20 dollars at our local fries. I’ll put a link to it right down below this video.

Now it is lightweight and they say it’s made of a combination of titanium and ceramic. They even have a special name for it TI-CERAMA, which is trademarked but I don’t see any mention in there of a patent.

This seems to be a reasonably sturdy $20 frying pan, but they claim you can actually use it in the oven as well up to 500 degrees. Make lots of claims for this.

My professional cooking experience is limited to a few months at a Wendy’s restaurant in the early 1980s, so I think I can still cook a pretty mean hamburger but for the rest of it I’ll just have to wing it.

On the back of the insert there’s some information that says you can use oil or butter but do not use cooking sprays. I don’t know why. Also it says it’s dishwasher safe, which is pretty cool for a fried pan. Over here is the warranty if it’s ever found to be defective and not working correctly, you can send it back to them for repair or replacement.

Keep in mind this is a $20 pan if you send it to them, you need to send them, $9.95 to cover shipping and handling plus you have to pay to send the pan to them. This is a $20 pan, I think most people would just buy a new one.

You can see that the surface of the pan is pretty reflective and as I remember regular ceramic isn’t reflected unless it has a glazed finish on it. So is it possible there’s a glazed finish over the ceramic and that’s what actually provides that non stick feature.

Well enough talk. Time to go burn some food. That’s something I can do.

titanium non-stick pan

Here we are in the kitchen, just fire going. I have decided to let the pan warm up with no oil and no butter and grab an egg, break it right into it, try to scramble it using a fork directly in here. Let’s see what happens.

It’s been about a minute. Should be plenty warm. I did wipe out the pan with a wet paper towel, that was it, just in case there was some residue in there.

Break this egg, let’s see what happens.

I don’t like using metal utensil in pan. It’s wrong.

On medium heat. I’m surprised it’s not sticking worse than this. Honestly. It’s not quite like I can grab the handle and slide it around.

It actually kinda is. Okay, that’s actually pretty good.

I think my scrambled egg turn omelet is ready. Special treat for Pierre right here, our dog. It’s not like I made this for uncle Pierre.

Wow, kind of impressed there.

The heats been off for a couple minutes now and I wanted to mention picking this up. If I grab it by the end of the handle here, no problem, that just starts to get warm about where my thumb is. That go much past that and try to grab it and it is really hot.

Pan is now cool to the touch, took about 10 minutes or so. I’m gonna see if I can wipe this out with just a plain dry paper towel, without even getting it wet. I think it’s all come loose without any scrubbing. I need to get a wet paper towel to pick up all these pieces but they’ve just going around in circles here.

Let’s see if there are any scratches though to the surface. I see a little residue from the egg on there but I do not see a single scratch.

The Gotham Steel frying pan is back to room temperature here and I’ve got the chicken for the oven test.

Going to take this chicken, it still has skin on it, toss it in here with no oil, no butter, nothing. Now there’s only one substance known to man that you can put chicken in and it will not stick and it is this: Reynolds Wrap, non stick foil.

It’s amazing. You just line a dish with this and none of the chicken or even the chicken skin will stick. It’s amazing stuff.

Can this be equally amazing?

I’m not going to test out the limits of the pan by putting it up to 500 degrees. I’ve got the oven set for 360. Normally I will cook in a larger pan. I’m gonna cook this for one hour at 360 degrees and see if it slides right up.

Forgot to mention we always cover the chicken with a piece of regular aluminum foil to keep all that moisture in there and I expect some skin may peel off with the aluminum. Yeah that usually happens.

But what’s going on in here. Oh my goodness!

Wow nothing stuck at all! It just became chicken soup! That could be delicious.

Nothing here, no residue, no skin sticking! Well you can’t beat that. Second substance known to man to which chicken does not stick.

I cleaned out the top layer of oil. Now that there’s not so much left, I’ll try to clean it out with this paper towel again, dry paper towel.

But really nothing sticking, wherever I wipe it’s coming off. I wiped it down a couple more times with dry paper towels, didn’t have to scrub and it’s pretty much out of there, maybe a little bit of oil residue, but really nothing stuck to this pan.

best non-stick pan for eggs

Final test is about to be underway.

I’m heating the pan up again. I’ll get a good and hot like I did with the eggs, then just like in their commercial, I’m gonna throw some peppermints in the wrappers into this pan. We will see if they will not stick. I can’t believe that they won’t stick when we burn them into the pan but let’s take a look.

I kind of hate to do this. I like this pan now. Nothing’s sticking to it, but the test is throwing these in with the wrapper and seeing if they will scoop right out once they’ve burned and melted.

I hope this doesn’t start the smoke detector. It’s melting fast just like in the TV commercial.

What about the peppermint? I think it’s supposed to turn into a black goopy stuff.

Don’t recommend you trying this in a pan at home but I do have to say there’s a very pleasant peppermint smell throughout the kitchen right now.

Now it’s starting to smell burnt. Well we’re getting a big cloud of smoke here over the stove. I’m gonna turn this off and I think that ought to be good enough to test it to see if that black stuff is gonna slide right out or not.

10 minutes later the pan has cooled down and this is what we are left with. Will this wipe out with just a dry paper towel? I can’t believe that it will.

Here goes. It’s not wiping, it feels like it’s one and whole thing that’s hardened onto it. I did notice it was pretty liquidy right when it was still warm and it might have come off at that point but now that has had a chance to dry.

If I heat it up again it may liquify. This one was a mess. Decided to heat this back up, liquify it and then see if maybe it’ll come out with just a paper towel.

The pan is very hot now, so I’m wearing oven mitts now. Let’s see.

Wow. Well that was all it was needed. It got all the stuff.

So that’s it so far for the Gotham Steel non stick frying pan.

It passed all the tests. I didn’t think it was going to pass with the peppermints but once they were heated back up, they really did clean out pretty well.

I didn’t do such a good job of cleaning out every little bit that was left but the little black specks here just come out with the fingernail.

So if it went through the dishwasher I think it would be pretty much just like new.

And that is the question. How well will it still have its nonstick properties after going through the dishwasher. Once, five times, ten times, cooking meal after meal, does this last, does this, whatever the finish is in this, wear off?

Only time will tell on that.

Remind me in a couple months and I will update what’s going on with this pan, if it has a catastrophic failure, I’ll let you know in the mean time.

But if it just keeps chugging along, this might be our new favorite pan.

Again the Gotham Steel nonstick fry pan goes for around 20 dollars. We have a link to it down below this video and there’s a larger version of the Gotham Steel pan.

This one’s nine and a half inch diameter, the bigger one I think is 11 inches, which would be a nice size. It goes for about $10 more and you can check for those links down below this video.

Six Month Follow Up

Gotham Steel Pan- Six Month Follow Up

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Hi I’m Parris and I’m back with a Gotham Steel pan. 6-month update. Bought this six months ago and did a video review, the very first day that I tried it out, tried scrambling eggs in it, baking chicken in it and melting peppermints still in the wrapper in it and saw how nonstick it was.

I think it’s been used once or twice every single week, so the question is after six months of use is it still non stick.

Still looks pretty good, Gotham Steel pan this size goes for about $20, I’ll put a link to it down below this video.

I wish we had gotten the larger size pan, we would probably use it more often and for Christmas they’re selling it in sets with a variety of pans, shapes and sizes.

Would this make a good Christmas present? Are you better off spending your money on non stick spray?

I’m going to repeat the three tests that I did the first day that I got this pan.

Let’s head out to the kitchen.

ceramic non-stick pans

First test is the scrambled egg.

I’m going to turn the heat on high for the front burner here. Let that heat up for a minute. This is exactly what I did in the first video, then I’ll break an egg directly into it and scramble it with a metal fork.

Pan is nice and hot. There’s no oil, no spray in this.

I’m turning the heat down the medium. Just like I did another video. Finish scrambling. I think that is done. Let’s see how it cleans up.

The pan is back to room temperature. I’m going to try to wipe it out with a dry paper towel and then a damp paper towel to get the rest of it.

Back pretty much where we started. Not bad.

Time for the baked chicken test.

I have the oven preheated to 360 degrees, just like in the other video and I’m going to fill this up with chicken that still has the skin on it, cover it with a little bit of aluminum foil to keep the juiciness in and bake it for one hour. Then we’ll see whether it sticks.

After an hour baking at 360 degrees, let’s see what we have.

I don’t see anything sticking, this looks like it went just as well as the last test. Nothing there but the makings of a nice hold of chicken soup.

I poured the excess grease off and let the pan cool down, now I’ll clean it out with dry paper towels. After several go rounds with paper towels, it’s much better but not completely clean. If I scrubbed with paper towels I might be able to get some of that off of there but really at this point this does need to be washed in the dishwasher or in the sink with the sponge and soap.

30 seconds with soap water and a sponge and it cleaned up nicely. Now this is not quite as nonstick as it was 6 months ago but it’s still very easy to clean even after baking chicken in it without putting down any oil or spray before hand.

The final test is to throw a couple of mints still in the plastic packaging into this pan when it’s good and hot and see if I can clean them out without any problem.

Let’s heat it up. Here we go. All right, it’s turning into a black slag. Lots of smoke coming off. Before that sets off the smoke detector, I’m going to turn it off. We’ll let this cool down a little and see if I can actually clean that out of this pan.

I know from my previous test that once this cools down completely it adheres to the pan like a rock and there’s no removing it. But while it’s still warm and liquidy, let me see if I can clean it out now with just paper towel.

It’s very hot and the messy and goopy but as you can see, it will just wipe right out.

So the verdict on the as seen on TV Gotham Steel pan six months later it’s still mostly nonstick. It’s not quite as in good a shape as when we started out. Some of the finish I think has worn off, that titanium finish or whatever magical thing it is that keeps it non stick, it slowly wearing out with use, with being in the dishwasher and so forth.

So it’s not going to stay nonstick forever. It’s already less nonstick than it was, not by too much, another six months it’ll probably be even less nonstick.

So is it worth buying? I would say mostly yes.

If you keep your pans 20 years and you expect them to be in just as good a condition at the end of that time as they were at the start, maybe not so much.

But if you buy inexpensive pans, they get scratch, they get dented, they get burnt, things happen and you throw them away for a couple years and buy new pans, then this one might be a good deal for you.



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