Best Bone Broth to Buy & Drink

Chicken Bone Broth

Here you will discover the best bone broth to buy and drink with great pleasure.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to spend a day or even more simmering a pot of bone broth.

That’s why these high-quality, ready-to-use bone broths are perfect for you. All the hard work is done for you.

Chicken Bone Broth to Buy

Chicken Bone Broth

This organic, chicken bone broth is simmered for 24 hours, using the bones of pastured chickens and pure filtered water. A small amount of vinegar is added to draw even more nutrients out of the bone.

It is flavored with onions, garlic and parsley. You get 10g of protein per serving.

It is packed in dry ice to keep it frozen and shipped directly to your door. Just heat and drink!

Or you can add it to soups, stews, sauces, dressings, and homemade meals for incredible flavor.

A customer said that she always needs to add lots of spices to store bought bone broth. For this one, she can drink it just as it comes.

When you drink chicken bone broth, you give your cells:

  • collagen that fights wrinkles
  • glycine that heals gut
  • glucosamine and chondroitin that protect joints
  • nutrients that fight inflammation and help you lose weight

Beef Bone Broth to Buy

Beef Bone Broth

This warm, luscious beef bone broth is made from the bones of organic beef. Everything else is identical to the previous product.

5 Ways to Use Bone Broth

Now that you have all this bone broth, what the heck are you supposed to do with it?

I’m gonna share with you five ways to use bone broth that are more than just drinking it.

Before we get to the different ways to use bone broth and you’re gonna find some of them unique and you’re gonna be happy to know that there are a lot of ways you can use bone broth in your traditional foods kitchen, when it does come to just drinking bone broth, you do warm it and you warm it slowly on your stovetop. You don’t want to boil it.

I highly recommend adding a little sea salt, because a lot of you have said that bone broth is bland and what can I do to jazz it up?

Even if you add a lot of herbs and spices during the bone broth making process, it can still seem plain. But if you add a little sea salt, it’ll really bring all those flavors together and make it a very pleasant beverage to drink.

So just warm it slowly on the stove and then put it in a mug, add a little sea salt, which is not only helping with the flavor but also adding extra minerals, and you’ll find that you really enjoy it.

That’s the basic way of what to do with bone broth. Just warming it and drinking it.

But what are some interesting ways to make use of bone broth that can add to your health and also incorporate more into your diet than just drinking it as a warm beverage.

1. The first way that I like to use bone broth that is really wonderful is to add it to smoothies.

Bone broth has a relatively mild or bland flavor and certain bone broths work exceptionally well in certain types of smoothies.

Beef bone broth works very well in chocolate smoothies. The taste is very mild, you’re not going to notice it at all and what you’re doing is you’re adding all of the protein that’s in bone broth and now you’re adding that into your chocolate smoothie.

You are getting protein and collagen in your smoothie without having to buy a protein powder or a collagen powder, which can be very expensive.

What about chicken bone broth? It is great in fruit smoothies. Chicken bone rice has a very mild flavor, you’re not going to notice it. But you are improving the nutrition level of your fruit smoothie.

Do not be afraid to add bone broths to your smoothies. You’re going to find that they taste delicious and you’re really going to increase the nutritional level of them.

2. Another great way to use bone broth is to use this in place of water whenever you make a soup or a stew. Both beef and chicken bone broths are great for your soups so definitely take advantage of using these as your base.

They really make the flavor so much more than it would be if you were just using water. And it increases the nutrition.

3. Whenever you make gravies or sauces, definitely use your bone broth. The nutrition and the flavor are going to be so much better than using any kind of chicken stock or beef stock that you would buy at the grocery store.

4. Another thing that’s wonderful to do with bone broths is to dehydrate them. What’s nice about dehydrating bone broth is you have something that’s a dried powder. So instead of using a bullion cube, you’ve got this wonderful nutritious, sort of homemade bouillon cube, that you can use in any way that you would a bullion cube.

You can put it into water to reconstitute it and use it as your base for soups or stews or gravies or sauces.

5. Use bone broth in any place that you would use water. If you make any kind of grain, including rice, use chicken bone broth or beef bone broth.

Chicken bone broth is great when you’re making mashed potatoes. If you’re making homemade tomato sauce and you need to add some liquid, add beef bone broth.

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Best Bone Broth to Buy

Best Bone Broth to Buy & Drink
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