How to Buy a Mattress Online

In this article we have something a bit different for you. Instead of talking about a specific mattress or comparing two beds or going over a list of beds, we’re going to go over a step-by-step guide on how you can choose your next mattress online.… Read the rest

How Much Bacteria Is In Your Bed

Here we are discussing bacteria in bed sheets and other bedding. We are talking about how long bacteria survives in your bed. In order to understand the complete picture of how bacteria in your bed affects you, we need to not only know how much bacteria there is, but how long the bacteria survives, and how that can affect your overall sleep health.… Read the rest

Tips For Buying a Mattress (Ultimate Guide)

Welcome to an ultimate mattress buying guide. It explains everything you should be thinking about when you’re getting a new mattress.Getting a new mattress can be an intimate but also an intimidating experience. I mean you are spending a thousand dollars or more on a brand new bed that you’ll be using for seven or more years and maybe even sharing with a loved one.… Read the rest

How Often to Wash Your Bed Sheets?

How often should you change the sheets on your bed? How often should you wash your bed sheets? It depends! I’ve read stories and seen surveys asking people at what frequency do they clean their bed sheets and there are some that don’t wash their sheets any more than once a month and some as much as every couple of months.… Read the rest

How to Buy Bath Towels

Today I want to talk about the magical world of towels and towels really are magical. I love taking a hot shower but the best thing is when you come out and you have a really good towel to wrap yourself around.… Read the rest

Guide to Buying Bed Sheets

What should you look for when buying your next set of bed sheets? This guide tells you what you need to know. You will learn how to buy bed sheets like a pro! So it’s time to go shopping for a new set of bed sheets.… Read the rest

Best Antibacterial Bed Sheets (Silver-Infused)

It’s a terrible fact Your bed sheets are a breeding ground for bacteria! But these innovative antibacterial bed sheets can help. Miracle Brand sheets use antimicrobial silver to kill germs! I know it may sound a little strange to be sleeping on sheets made of silver threads, but comfort hasn’t been sacrificed.… Read the rest

Best Water Pillow For Neck Pain (5 Million Users)

This is a review of the best water pillow for neck pain. The brand is Mediflow and as you can imagine it’s called a water pillow because water significantly fills the pillow. However it is not completely filled with water. The underneath part of the pillow contains a water bladder.… Read the rest

Best Mattress With Phase Change Material

In this article I’m going to be reviewing the Aurora mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. The Aurora is a hybrid mattress that’s designed to be ultra cooling. It comes in a soft, medium and firm version, but here I’m going to be testing the medium version.… Read the rest

Best Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

Are you looking for a comfy and supportive mattress, one that will help you recover from your active lifestyle? If so you’ve come to the right place. Here we are reviewing the Bear Hybrid mattress, the best pillow top hybrid mattress.… Read the rest
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