Best Vacuum Cleaner For Bed Bugs (With UV Light)

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Review of RAYCOP UV and HEPA vacuum cleaner and fabric sanitizer.

For those of you that know that there are literally things living inside of your mattress, for those of you that know just how deep down the dust mites, the E. coli and the Staphylococcus go into your mattress, into your upholstered fabric, this is a one-of-a-kind breakthrough product – a vacuum cleaner and UV sanitizer.

The Power of RAYCOP Allergen Vacuums

Laboratory tests show that just a few seconds of exposure to UV lights can eliminate Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus!

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You want getting everything that’s in your bed, that you are breathing, that you’re exposing your skin to, that you’re exposing your lungs to, up and out. Well, RAYCOP is your true vacuum UV light sanitizer.

Use it on your favorite chair, use it on your mattress, use it on your sheets. Truly better than hospital grade quality, totally sanitize your home!

Where To Use Your RAYCOP Allergen Vacuum

This bed bug vacuum cleaner has a three pronged approach to really getting deep clean in your home – vibration, suction and UV light.

No one way of cleaning your home, whether it’s dust mite covers, which will leave the carcasses in your bed, the creepy crawlies are in your bed, whether it’s dust mites sprays that are extremely harmful and very bad for children.

This bed bug vacuum cleaner is going to capture 99.9% of the bacteria and the viruses and Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus.

For anybody that knows the benefits and the value of vacuuming your mattress, of vacuuming your sofas, your upholstered chairs, your upholstery in your automobile, I absolutely swear there is no other model that is this feature advanced, that is this capable of a healthier cleaner home.

bed bug vacuum cleaner

You are lying down and sleeping not alone but with 10 million friends that are eating and feeding off of your dead skin cells, that dandruff, all of the things that your body is shedding in your bed. It makes for a perfect environment for dust mites and other allergens and bacteria that really irritates your asthma and your allergies.

So using UVC light, the best UV that we can use, we are going to paralyze the dust mites, we’re going to really destroy them, we are going to use the suction that is going to pull them out because you need the suction, you need that triple strength system going on. Vibration gets those guys to let go and come up and out.

If you’re a germaphobe and you travel a lot, you could bring this bed bug vacuum cleaner with you, it’s a small enough, compact enough model to use in hotel rooms. If you’ve had lots of guests come through your home, sanitize your pillows all the way through, sanitize your decorative pillows that you haven’t cleaned in years.

Go deeper down, get real sanitized cleanliness!

RAYCOP RS2 Clean the Unseen - Review

You want to talk about the cornerstone of a healthier home. That’s what a product like this can do for you.

This is the best-in-class sanitation! It’s cleaning the unseen!

This is not just a vacuum. You have 10 million dust mites that are in the bed with you at any given time. They’re all over your home, they’re on upholstered fabric, they are on draperies, they’re on cushions in your chair.

Mattress pad covers or sheet sets can be laundered but you can’t launder your mattress, you can’t launder the seat cushions.

A vacuum does not have the UV light, a vacuum doesn’t have that pulsating action that is shaking the little hook feet that are on dust mites, that are inevitably in your home and probably causing a lot of the symptoms that you have.

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We have vibration and pulsating action that is happening. You don’t necessarily get pulsating action from just a regular vacuum, you don’t get the UV light.

This bed bug vacuum cleaner uses large UV light bulb – 6 watts and 6 inches – that is really destroying and killing the DNA. What about the eggs? It is preventing the eggs from those little critters.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you wake up with a cough, you wake up feeling like you’ve been breathing unclean air, you’re probably running a UV light air purifier. But it can not purify and sanitize your mattress.

If your favorite chair has been your favorite chair for a very long time, if you are a yoga master and you have been on that same yoga mat for the last year, this is top of the line bed vacuum cleaner – not just cleaning, but sanitizing. That is the key word, sanitizing.

best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs

It’s useless to clean a yoga mat with a regular vacuum. You must have that UV light. If you are not cleaning with that UVC light, you are not really destroying all of that bacteria.

This is electromagnetic radiation and true elimination of E. coli and Staphylococcus. I’ve seen services that will charge more than this machine for one clean. I’ve seen machines that are triple the price. I’ve seen machines that are almost ten times the price.

You get a portable unit that you could take with you to clean your sister’s house, your mom’s house, you have a portable unit that you could take with you to a hotel room or a motel room. You have a bed bug vacuum cleaner that truly sanitizes it, makes your home as safe and as clean and as sanitized as it possibly could be.

There is a regular filter and all you do with this filter is run it under a little bit of water. It’s permanent and you never have to replace it.

There is also a HEPA filter that is built-in inside. You don’t even need to access it but the HEPA filter is the one that is cleaning all those microorganisms that are really going to be the culprit with your allergies.

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This is not a vacuum cleaner, this is not a dust buster, this is a true sanitizer. We’re talking about the type of technology they use in hospitals. We are talking about giving you real deal cleanliness, in a deeper, more profound way.

uv bed vacuum cleaner

If you have respiratory distress or prone to illnesses, if you’re fighting cold and flu season, if you live in a dustier, older home, there is no way to get as deep down and truly eliminate those awful dust mites, the E. coli, the Staph, that gets into the fibers of our furniture and into our mattresses.

Again, you’re sleeping with ten million, on average, of these little critters, of dust mites that are translucent. We cannot see them, they are microscopic in size. The only way to remove them from your mattress, they need to be sucked out, their DNA needs to be destroyed, they need to be paralyzed and then you need to remove them.

What is the point of a dust cover that only suffocates and then all of that matter, their fecal matter, their eggs that have not yet hatched, stay there. This is an ongoing problem and this is why you have an itchy nose, you’re coughing in the morning, your skin is irritated.

This way you have a three pronged approach, whether it’s the suction, the light and the vibration.

I have personally selected this bed bug vacuum cleaner to make my home as healthy as possible. It is about your sanctuary, it’s about where you live, it’s about where your children or grandchildren visit and stay and sleep.

This is a product that will eliminate dust mites and their feces. You can get deep down inside the fibers of the products that you live on.

A good night’s sleep is arguably the most important contributor to your health. If you’re sick, if you feel lousy, if you’re having trouble breathing, if you’re coughing and sneezing, that gets in the way of any healthy goals or any good vibes and feelings.

I want to stress that this bed bug vacuum cleaner was created by Dr. Michael Lee. He is an immunologist and he was realizing that most of his patients were suffering from environmental allergies. So he wanted to get to the source and the source was eliminating the dust mites.

So this vacuum cleaner for bed bugs was created by a doctor in 2005. In Japan cleanliness is almost a religion. You think that we are OCD. They take it to another level.

10% of the households in Japan, since 2005, have purchased RAYCOP. It’s a huge success in Japan and there are 50 million households, that means 5 millions have this product.



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Best Vacuum Cleaner For Bed Bugs (With UV Light)
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