Best Automatic Curling Wand (For Medium & Long Hair)

automatic hair curling wand

Imagine being able to get picture-perfect curls with the simple touch of a button!

This automatic curling wand rotates in order to create curls or natural waves for hair that is medium to long in length.

best automatic curling wand

With its clever design, you can style your hair comfortably and produce long-lasting curls.

Specifically created for people who are busy with their lives but still want to have beautiful curly hair.

This auto rotating curling iron has three interchangeable tourmaline ceramic barrels, letting you to enjoy unlimited styling options at home rather than a hairdressing salon, saving you both money and time!

It retains moisture and fights frizz without affecting the health of your hair.

Technology that uses far infrared heat and conditions the hair with negative ions helps to seal the cuticle, which in turn reduces frizz and increases shine.

In the convenience of your own home, you can enjoy a variety of sleek and versatile styles.

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automatic hair curling wand

Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Curling Iron

How many barrels are included with the purchase of this item?
This set includes three tourmaline ceramic barrels that are interchangeable. A 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm barrel with a short clip are available.

What is the lowest and highest temperature?
The temperature ranges between 290°F and 410°F (143°C and 210°C).

Does the wand come equipped with a digital display?

Is there an automated shut-off feature on the wand?
Yes, the instrument will shut off automatically after 60 minutes (sleep mode). You have the option to adjust the time such that it can be set in 10-minute increments.

Is there a clip/clamp on the wand?
There is, in fact, a small clip that serves the purpose of securing the hair in its position as the barrel rotates.

How do I remove the barrel from the base of the wand?
After the barrel has fully cooled down, you can release the barrel by pressing the rose gold button that is placed at the top of the base (on the side that is opposite the clamp).

automatic hair curling wand automatic rotating curler

How to Use Automatic Curling Wand

What is the proper way to operate this automatic curling wand?

  • Choose your preferred barrel size.
  • To turn on the curling iron, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. To change the temperature, press the + and – buttons.
  • Take a small amount of your hair, open the clip, and clamp it around the end of the hair.
  • To start the automatic rotation in the selected direction, click and hold the arrow that points to the left or right.
  • Hold the hair on the barrel for 3-8 seconds before pressing the HOME button to release the tension and bring the barrel to its initial position. To release the hair, open the clamp.

How to Make Curls Last Longer

A lot of people ask me how to make their curls last.

After you’ve curled your hair, you don’t want to run your fingers through it until completely cool.

Another way to really make it last is that you’re actually going to take the hair, put your finger right through the middle and create this pattern where you roll it up to the base.

Then you’re gonna take a two inch bobby pin and then go right into the root and create a little set.

You allow it to completely cool and then when you remove it, you’re gonna have a really great foundation and the structure that’s going to make your curls last all night long.

Best Automatic Curling Wand (For Medium & Long Hair)
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