Anti Snoring Tongue Stabilizing Device Review

anti snoring device for tongue

Here I’m going to review the best anti snoring tongue stabilizing device  – the Good Morning Snore Solution.

anti snoring device for tongue

When you order this, it is going to come in a retail packaging like this one and this is one of those hard-to-open plastic packages.

This is the instructions and then a Polident tablet. Also you’ll get the mouthpiece, of course.

The first thing you’re going to notice about this is that it doesn’t look like all the other ones that you may have seen before or where they actually fit entirely inside of your mouth and you have to do like a boiling-bite type thing.

This actually works on a different principle, where it holds your tongue forward instead of your entire jaw.

So what you do is you press in on this bulb here and then as you press in on it, you put your tongue at the very end and it sucks your tongue into the bowl and that’s how it stays in place.

This would be where your gums are right here and this is going to be where your lips rest right here. So this is how it rest.

The actual mouthpiece whenever I took it out I noticed that it’s really pliable. I thought it was going to be a hard plastic, tight material, but this is a really stretchable, pliable material and it’s also really thin.

The walls here are surprisingly thin. I thought it was gonna be a little bit thicker so that’s definitely a plus.

As far as fitting it, there’s really no need to boil it, you actually don’t boil it, you just basically uses Polident tablet here and you drop this into a cup of cold water and when he drops it in, it’s going to dissolve and at that point you want to drop in the mouthpiece for 10 minutes and that cleans it.

This is something you’re going to want to use every day, whenever you get done using it. You can buy these Polident tablets at your local drug store, so there’s no special tablet that you need to purchase.

So 10 minutes in the cleaning solution, you take it out, let it dry and then it’s ready to use. So I’m going to go ahead and try this out and I’ll get back with you and let you know how it worked out for me.

stop snoring tongue device

After using for a week.

I’ve been using the Good Morning Snore Solution now for a week and I’m going to let you know what I think about it and give you the pros and the cons and then give you my recommendation.

So to start off, I can tell you what I really liked about it and that was the fact that it’s really compact in design and it doesn’t take up a whole lot of room inside of your mouth.

If you look at your standard boil and bite and these can be quite thick and also this goes entirely inside of your mouth, whereas this device just rests between your lips and your gums, it kind of sits here, here your tongue, this would be your lips here, and this will be your gums here. So it really doesn’t take up a whole lot of room inside of your mouth which is definitely a plus.

I like the material that is constructed of, it’s a soft silicone-like material, it’s very flexible and it doesn’t have any sharp edges, these are very dull edges so they won’t irritate, poke at your gums or irritate your gums.

So I really like the material. I like the thickness of it. It’s very thin, surprisingly thin, actually I was kind of surprised when I first got it to see how thin the material was.

As far as cleaning, that’s another thing I liked about it. You just take a denture tablet, you drop it in cold water and then you put your device in, leave it there for 10 minutes, take it out and shake it off, let it dry and it’s clean.

That’s what I liked about GMSS anti snoring tongue stabilizing device.

One thing I didn’t like about it was the initial adjustment period. It took about two or three days to get used to wearing it. As you can imagine, I mean you’re putting this on the end of your tongue and this thing stuck on your tongue the entire night so it’s kind of odd when you first go to bed like putting it on and go and sleep but after two or three nights you get used to wearing it.

Also the first couple of nights your tongue is going to be a little bit sore in the morning time, but that also goes away. So you know it’s an initial adjustment period of two to three nights and then after that it works great. You don’t have any problems.

As far as my snoring, it completely took care of it. I haven’t had any issues the entire time from the very first night up until last night, did not snore at all. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. So that was good.

As far as my recommendation, this is a product that I would definitely recommend if you’re looking at getting something that doesn’t take up so much room inside of your mouth and you really would be interested in a unique device that’s like no other, this is definitely something worth trying.

So that was my review on the Good Morning Snore Solution.

Anti Snoring Tongue Stabilizing Device Reviews

This anti snore solution is a doctor recommended stop snoring mouthpiece developed by top sleep researchers.

Clinically proven, it’s comfortable and easy to use.

Below are user reviews. Best Snore Prevention Device

You will find out that this device really works and that people are very happy with it.

I just want to tell you about GMSS device. I have had sleep apnea, probably for years now. My husband tells me that that I stop breathing in the night and I finally decided to do something about it but I didn’t want to do anything invasive. I’m a neurologist and I will not do anything like that to myself but I did want to solve the problem because I know how bad it is to have that problem, to not get your full night’s sleep and just stopped breathing and have sleep apnea. It’s a big problem. So I decided to try the snore solution and it just worked out so beautifully. There was a long period of adjustment because if you know anything about the brain it takes awhile for the brain to get used to something like that. What the device does is, you put it in your mouth and it pulls your tongue forward and it’s really an odd feeling but you do, trust me, you do get used to it and there is maybe some drooling in the beginning and it just seems counterintuitive to keep putting it in your mouth when you go to bed because you’re your mouth, your gums do get a little sore but I promise you, it gets better. And right when you think you’ve gotta quit, keep going. The other day I fell asleep, I was studying and I fell asleep and I woke up and my tongue was forward because I was so used to sleeping that way. My brain just got used to it but I feel so much better. My husband’s getting more sleep and I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re thinking about getting this device, get it because it really works.


Good Morning Snore Solution. Only solution that I’ve used that works. I’ve tried mouthguards, I drool all over my beard. Very painful, jaw was moving forward, body never got used to it, mouth never got used to it, teeth never got used to it, moved my teeth back, it was very painful. I tried over a week with that device, it just did not work. I tried pillows propping my head up, that didn’t seem to work. Nasal sprays opened up my nasal passages, still didn’t prevent my snoring. Good Morning Snore Solution did. It’s very easy to use, lightweight, simple to clean, simple to insert in your mouth, not very uncomfortable, took me about two to three days to get used to it. Tongue was a little sore the first couple days but after that is fine. So only device that works. Buy one, buy two, buy many. Good stocking staffers, good Christmas gifts. Give to people at work, give your neighbors, postman maybe. They probably snore, a lot of people snore. Try it. I did. I’m glad I did. Saved my marriage.

Jason here. Wanted to talk about the Good Morning Snore Solution. That’s a great product. I used to have a lot of issues with waking up with sore nasal cavities or just feeling short of breath and once I found out about Good Morning Snore Solution, picked it up, it worked great right away, it’s really easy to use. It pulls your tongue forward and holds it there in this tongue bubble. With the tongue move forward, it doesn’t fall back into the throat, which is what was causing the shortness of breath that I was experiencing and the soreness and totally cleared it up. So it’s a great product. Check it out. That’s what I have to say.

So today I’ll be reviewing the Good Morning Snore Solution device which I have right here in my hand. So I’ve been using this device for a little more than a year now and right off the bat I want to mention that my mouthpiece is actually a slightly altered version of the original. What I did here was I cut off portions of the wings on inside and I was hoping that this alteration will allow me to breathe through my mouth when I had mouthpiece in. Because the way the device is designed, you will only be able to breathe nasally when it’s in place and that’s a bit problematic for me at times because every now and then I have sinus issues, my sinuses become congested, which of course makes nasal breathing a bit of an issue. But anyway the alteration didn’t really help matters so I definitely wouldn’t suggest that you do the same to your device. Hopefully in the near future they will make a similar device that will allow for both nasal and oral breathing but other than that the device is really been a godsend. By far the best anti snoring device that I used so far. Over the years I spent hundreds of dollars on number of different snoring or sleep apnea devices, ranging from mandibular advancement devices to different tongue stabilizing devices. But really none of them come anywhere close to being as effective as GMSS. With this device I wake up more refreshed and energized, my throat doesn’t feel sore from heavy snoring all night and I won’t wake up with morning headaches anymore. So overall this thing is really being great. Took me like three to five days to get the hang of putting it in and getting used to sleeping with it but after that it wasn’t a problem at all. One last thing I do want to mention is that I know the manufacturer of the mouthpiece advises that people with sleep apnea shouldn’t use this device but from my own experience, if your sleep apnea is moderate to mild as was my case, then I’m sure you’ll be just fine using this. Bottom line, if you snore a lot and you’re looking for an effective solution that won’t break the bank, I would highly recommend that you grab this device. It is definitely one of the best treatments that you find out there. That pretty much concludes my review of the Good Morning Snore Solution. Hopefully you’ll find this review informative and helpful.

I’m here to talk about the Good Morning Snore Solution. This device has really saved my sleep. Not only does it help that I don’t snore anymore, my husband has allowed me back in the bed which is kind of nice. The other thing is I’ve gotten better night sleep because I think when you snore sometimes your sleep gets interrupted and I literally feel a lot more energized and I can get a lot more accomplished and my day school a tone better all because of this device. So I don’t have any complaints about it, everything has worked perfectly, you just get a little effort to clean it in the morning and you can use it each and every single night. So thank you Good Morning Snore Solution. I so appreciate a device that finally works.

So I just took out my GMSS snoring solution. I’m not a person who can say that he tried 52 different things and this is the one that finally worked. I read a bunch of reviews, I saw testimonials like this and it convinced me to try this one. The only thing I ever bought and it worked. That’s largely why I’m doing this testimonial, just to let anybody else know who needs to overcome the same problem that I have that this thing works. When it comes in the mail, you’re going to be amazed that you spent a hundred bucks or whatever they’re charging these days for a small piece of injected silicon. First time you put it in and try to go to sleep with that you’re going to be afraid that you’re gonna swallow it. It’s constructed in such a way that that doesn’t seem to be possible. It takes a little while to get used to it. I keep it by the bed at night, I dip it in cold water and then inserted it. Not hard. Easy to put it in and out. Other downsides is that you’re going to be more conscious of the fact that you’re drooling over night but don’t worry about it, you can wash your pillow case. On the upside, you gonna get a better night’s sleep, especially if you have a wife like mine who is going to kick you, or poke or plead with you to please roll over so she can get a good night’s sleep. If you have wife like mine, when you’re storing the way I snore, she won’t sleep in the same bed anyway. That problem is gone away and that makes me very happy. I’m married that woman for a reason. My kids call this daddy’s tongue sucker, which is kind of funny but they’re also not worried about me anymore. They’re not asking me why do you snore so much. That’s problem gone away. So I don’t know what else you tried. As I said, I’ve only tried one thing. This thing absolutely worked.

I’m here to review the Good Morning Snore Solution. That’s exactly what this thing is. I’ve been a snorer my whole life. When I was about three years old, my grandma started videotaping me and I was completely sign logs, I’ve had this problem my whole life. On my wedding night I woke up and my husband was sleeping in the spare room because of how badly and how loudly I was snoring. I scared him out of the bed. I’ve had surgeries to try to correct the problem. I have used special pillows, I’ve had mouthguards that you boil and bite, that we’re kind of more over-the-counter, I’ve gone to the dentist and tried to have him make molds and special little devices that I had to screw, that would yank my job out to try to stop the snoring. Nothing worked until I got the Good Morning Snore Solution. Once I had this thing in the mail it seems like almost instant that I stop snoring. My husband stays in bed with me now, which is a good thing and I get much better sleep, deeper sleep and I actually dream now which I never did before. So I think everybody needs a Good Morning Snore Solution if they are a snorer.

So this is me telling you about the Good Morning Snore Solution. It’s something that’s made a better relationship for my sweetheart and I and all I do is at night when I get ready to go to bed I put it in just like that. No snoring, nice night sleep makes me happy. No CPAP, no extra equipment around the bed, no need to have extra outlets and electrical things. Just this. I’m happy. Thank you Good Morning Snore Solution. Love it!

Well I have to say. I’ve tried them all. Tried the sprays. I’ve tried the mouthpiece and I’ve tried Good Morning Snore Solution. I have to say GMSS is by far the best, most practical, most successful product that I’ve ever used. It helps me sleep through the night. I can’t sleep without it. If I do, I wake myself up and my wife and that’s not a good day. But since I found GMSS about a year ago I’ve been having great night sleep, I travel with it. I traveled about thirty to forty percent of the time and I need to have it. When I don’t use it, I wake up tired, sluggish and with it I wake up much more refreshed. The device is easy-to-use, it’s easy to keep clean, it’s comfortable after a couple days trial or use to get used to it but I love it. Thank you GMSS. I’m happy I found you.

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Anti Snoring Tongue Stabilizing Device Review
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