Best Anti Nausea Wristband (Quick, Easy and Safe)

motion sickness relief

I have a very good news for you!

You can prevent or instantly stop car or airplane motion sickness as well as sea sickness with this amazing anti nausea wristband.

It also easily treats morning sickness in pregnant women!

The ReliefBand device has been cleared by the FDA and subjected to many clinical trials. It’s quick, easy, and safe.

It uses technology that has already been used for many years to deal with the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy or surgery.

Go on boats, planes, cars, amusement park rides and travel with confidence!

No drug-like side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth or headache!

anti nausea wristband

This product really works!

I get motion sick very easily and this wristband is my saving grace! Last year I had taken a cruise and was sea sick for three days.

This year I used it on a week long cruise. Worked perfectly! I used it on the lowest setting all the time, except for one time when I moved it to the second setting when waves got bigger.

The ocean was rough and most other people – even those who took prescription anti-motion sickness medicines – became seasick. NOT ME! I was so happy that I spent the money to get this device before I left.

It literally saved my cruise vacation! It was like someone flipped a switch and I felt awesome! I was able to eat food, drink coffee and enjoy the scenery all while never getting nauseous.

(A friend of mine had to have it on the highest setting to work for her and I am sure that is different for every person.)

When I say to my friends that this anti nausea wristband has made my life 100 times better, it’s an understatement!

motion sickness treatment

It’s the best thing to have in times of need. It has completely changed my life; I don’t have to deal with motion sickness any more.

In the past I used OTC medications and they worked but I felt foggy and I would sleep the whole drive and it just wasn’t pleasurable. Side effects were awful!

To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting this band to work. I was very surprised, which made it worth it’s weight in gold!

The instructions for using ReliefBand are easy to follow. It’s like wearing a standard watch. The best part is that it work almost instantly! It was a bit difficult at first to locate the right spot on my right wrist, but now I can position it correctly within seconds.

motion sickness relief

The band can become a bit uncomfortable after wearing it for 4-5 hours, but that little discomfort is a million times more bearable than nausea.

It is the first remedy for nausea in my life to not just reduce motion sickness but to eliminate it completely. I can’t promise it will work for you, but it’s absolutely worth trying!

I had lost hope that I would ever be able to enjoy the ocean like other ‘normal’ people, but this wristband gave me hope again.

Click here to buy it with lifetime guarantee!

prevent motion sickness

It Works For Migraine Headaches Too

There is one more thing that I noticed about it. I use the ReliefBand for migraine headaches and it is incredible. A friend who is a neurologist suggested trying this for migraine and it is impressive. There is a link between migraines and motion sickness, and this device helps with both of them.

As a matter of fact, I have it on right now and I’m able to write this review, not laying in a dark room helpless from a migraine attack.

For this reason, this device is always with me, with a spare set of batteries just in case.

A customer comment: “All I know is that my wife can now ride in the car without yelling at me all the time! ”


  • It works as described
  • No need to take medication
  • Adjustable strap
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Replaceable batteries


  • The “shock” is somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning
  • The strap becomes a little bit uncomfortable after 4-5 hours

Click here to buy it with lifetime guarantee!

How Anti Nausea Wristband Works

Nausea & Vomiting - How Reliefband Works

ReliefBand is wearable technology that puts you in control of nausea and vomiting without drugs and without delay.

ReliefBand works by generating a pattern of highly specific pulses that modulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist using a process called neuromodulation.

These pulses generate a signal which travels through the body’s natural neural pathways to the nausea center of the brain and to an area called the dorsal vagal complex. The signal then modulates the natural neural pathways between brain and stomach via the vagus nerve, restoring normal gastric rhythm and immediately relieving the sensation of nausea.

To activate simply press the button in the center of the device, then using the same button you can select one of five intensity settings to find the level that suits you best.

Here are customer reviews:

Motion Sickness - Kristin Stewart - Reliefband User
Dr. Maria Tulpan on Reliefband For Motion Sickness
Pregnant Mom, Rachel Long Uses Reliefband To Treat Her Nausea
Motion Sickness - how Reliefband treats nausea quickly


I always use the ReliefBand for motion sickness while on water voyages (or in a car or airplane) and simply love it.

It is a wearable device, but unlike other similar devices that can just monitor symptoms or activity, this one can actually treat nausea.

Wristband For Motion Sickness

This nti nausea wristband works almost instantly and helps motion sufferers to have stress-free travel on boats, planes, cars, trains, rollercoasters or any form of transportation. It is also a great addition to entertainment as well – eliminates gaming nausea, especially virtual reality games.

It is best used to prevent nausea, but it can alleviate it after it has already begun. Instead of putting medication in your system, you can simply stop the nausea at the source.

How it works?

ReliefBand generates pulses that have very specific waveform, frequency, and intensity to excite the P6 median nerve that is located on the underside of the wrist.

This action is called neuromodulation. It employs the natural neural pathways of your body to stop the waves of nausea coming from the stomach.

Signals from the the gadget go to to the central nervous system and the higher emetic center of the brain.

help with nausea

The signals use the vagus nerve to modulate the neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, relieving nausea.

In other words, ReliefBand normalizes the abnormal stomach rhythms that cause nausea and vomiting in people suffering from motion and morning sickness.

Reliefband - Wearable Technology To Treat Nausea And Vomiting

You are on the go, getting from one place to another. In this fast-paced world, it’s a relief that we have so many devices right at our fingertips to keep us going.

There’s one high-tech device in particular which combines science and software that is a complete game changer.

This is ReliefBand – drug-free wearable technology for treatment of nausea by using highly effective and responsive technology, which has been clinically tested and endorsed by medical professionals.

ReliefBand helps put people back in control of motion sickness.

Kristin Stewart, motion sickness sufferer:

“I take it everywhere I go. It’s always in my purse and as someone who tried everything, I can honestly say it’s the best thing out there. I really like that there’s no side effects, there’s no drug reactions. You put it on and you take it off.”

Dr. Levine, fertility physician:

“This is every doctor’s dream. If you take a device like this, that’s relatively affordable and also gives the patient control. By using this device, we can actually have some waves that go up and down and kind of go in sync with the rest of your nervous system to quiet that signal, to control your nausea. So from a medical standpoint, it’s a slam dunk. It’s easy, it controls the problem and it gives you a very easy solution.”

Just put it on your wrist, adjust the intensity and you’ll be feeling yourself again.

Fast and effective relief from nausea in minutes without the side effects of drugs.

ReliefBand is your ticket to feeling great and being comfortable so you can keep doing all the things you love!

Morning (and motion) sickness is such a misery to many women. All pregnant women try to get rid of discomforts of queasiness from their course of pregnancy.

Most women who are expecting are unprepared to deal with such uneasiness that pregnancy brings.

This type of problem is felt usually in the morning when the blood sugar level is low. However, do not think that morning sickness can happen only in the morning. Episodes of such sicknesses can take place through the day, even in late afternoon.

Preventing Morning Sickness is Easier Than You Think!

What you’re going to discover about preventing morning sickness will in all likelihood surprise you. In fact, it’s so simple you might even have trouble believing it.

But, I’m prepared to back-up what I’m about to reveal to you regarding preventing morning sickness. So let’s get started.

Morning Sickness Relief Anti Nausea Wristband

ReliefBand is this elegant tiny little device that straps to wrist by a simple watch strap and ultimately presses down on this little point called P6.

P6 is a part of your nervous system, it kinda pushes back unto the higher centers in your brain where you start to get that really awful feeling of nausea.

By using this device we can actually have some waves that go up and down and kind of go in sync with the rest of your nervous system to quiet that signal, to control your nausea.

So from a medical standpoint, it’s a slam dunk. Its easy, it controls the problem and it gives you a very easy solution.

I currently work from home but when I first got pregnant I was actually working in center city so I had to commute over an hour every single day by train which was not a pleasant experience especially with the amount of morning sickness that I had.

So my friend Jean from my college introduced me to the ReliefBand and ever since then I been able to do a lot more than I could do before.

It was really hard for me to get out of bed. I thought I was going to have to take long-term disability from my job.

I know not lot of people think that morning sickness can be that debilitating but it really can. For me it was not just morning sickness, it was definitely all day sickness and all night sickness.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t really eat anything, I lost a lot of weight in the beginning which was not a good thing but after I got hold of the ReliefBand, it’s so simple to use, I just put it on my wrist and turn it on and within a couple of minutes I felt instantly better.

I was able to take the train again, I ended up getting a new job so now I work from home anyway but I’m grateful that I still have it because even though I’m over 30 weeks pregnant now, I still get nauseous and now we’re trying to set up for the arrival of our baby in a month.

We’re currently putting together all the things in his nursery and everything, so without that I don’t think I’ll be able to do much, I would definitely not be that much help around the house.

I definitely would not be able to continue working like I am. I’m gonna work right up until the birth of my son.

So it kinda looks like a watch and first I just put a little bit of gel right on my wrist and then you position the face part, I guess, of ReliefBand over that gel and you press the button to turn it on and it first goes to one. There’s five different settings, so the first goes 1 and me I can’t really feel it when its on one, but once I hit the button again it goes to two and that’s when you can really start to feel a tingle in your palm, in your middle finger so you know that it’s working right.

Wristband For Motion Sickness

I normally put on three and that’s what I find helps me, you can definitely feel it a lot more, not painful whatsoever but it’s different feeling, it’s more like just tingly and it just makes your nausea go away. After a couple minutes I just put it on, sit down but then you can also leave it on and go about your day.

I’m definitely that first-time mom that’s scared of everything and anything, so I don’t want to take any medicine if I don’t have to and that was a big thing for me finding something that would solve my morning sickness without having to put another chemical in my body that I didn’t know how was safe for the baby or not.

ReliefBand has been used in hospitals for a long time. It’s great now that it’s available to the public and mothers like me.

You can control your own morning sickness, it’s like I can feel it coming on and I don’t have to wait till I get stick to feel better, I do not have to get sick at all, I can just put on this band and then wait a couple minutes and know that I’ll be OK to continue the rest of my day rather than sitting on the couch all day.

I have a couple of friends that are pregnant and I’ve been recommending this product to them definitely. My manager is currently pregnant with twins and she’s been having a really hard times so I told her she needs to get one of these as soon as possible so that she can continue working as well since I need her to stay with me in the office.

If you have another kid around and you need to continue doing your daily duties as a mom or if you’re a full-time worker like I am, this is definitely a great product to have so that you can continue going about your day without having to be incapacitated by morning sickness and without getting sick all day.

Morning Sickness - Top Ob Gyn and Fertility expert, Dr Brian Levine..

My name is dr. Brian Lavigne. I’m a practicing reproductive endocrinology and infertility expert in New York City and I’m also the practice director of CO New York which is part of a nationwide network of clinics.

As a fertility doctor patients come to me expecting a prescription. They want a pill, they want a quick fix, they want a shot, they want something that’s going to fix the problem at hand.

But what’s amazing is that once a patient becomes pregnant, the average woman does not want to take another pill, another shot, another medication.

They don’t want to expose their future child to any risk.

But the question is why do they have to suffer and the answer to me is ReliefBand!

Literally they put it on the wrist, it’s not invasive, it’s not a medication, it works almost instantaneously.

They can feel that it’s on, they get that little zing so you know that the charge is going and it just starts
to work and they feel better.

Literally someone can come in with anxiety about their nausea and the therapy that I’m about to prescribe to them and they can leave with a non-invasive, healthy, safe solution that exposes neither them nor their future baby to any risk.

Here is how to use anti nausea wristband:

This is ReliefBand I tested along with its tube of conductive gel.

According to instructions, you find a point about two fingers below the bend of your wrist. That’s where the gel goes and rub it in.

The back of ReliefBand has the plates that conduct electricity so those have to hit the right spot.

It’s not that easy to put on with one hand in part because this version was designed for use in hospitals when, you can assume, nurses were putting them on. Newer version should be easier for people to put on themselves.

After you get it on, which takes some doing, you turn it on by pushing the button once which puts it down to the lowest level.

I never really felt anything at the lowest level. So I usually went to level two. At that point I can feel a light tingle, running from the band down my palm and to my fingers.

I can also go to level three, I can feel it most of my hand. And that’s about as far as I usually needed to go.

When you’re feeling awful in pregnancy, this solution tackles your problem without drugs and has been proven to be effective.

You’ll be able to enjoy your everyday activities, including playing with other kids you may already have.

Click here to buy it with lifetime guarantee!

I recently saw a friend who just returned from a fishing trip. The weather was perfect and the fish were biting.

But after only one day on the open sea, my friend refused to get back on the boat.

What made him to spoil such a great vacation?

Motion sickness! A condition that affects about half of all adults.

Unfortunately, my friend did not know about a treatment that effectively treats and prevents motion sickness.

I want to show you what this treatment can do for you so that you don’t end up sidelined on your next vacation.

motion sickness relief

Here is what people are saying about this amazing device.

So I’m Christy Stuart. I’m from New Jersey and I work for L’Oreal USA.

As far as I can remember, from when I was really little, I’ve always been getting motion sick.

Whether it’s the back of a car or on a bus, worst of all boats, constantly feeling sick. And when I was in high school I had the opportunity to dance on a cruise and for everyone else that was an amazing experience. For me it was just awful. I would get on the ship and feel sick for four days.

So that’s when one of my friends finally told me about the Reliefband. So I checked it out, I got it and it was such a game changer.

I would wear it when I was on the ship and then when the performance was about to start I would take it off, I would dance, right when it was over, I would fly off stage, put it back on and in a few minutes I felt like myself again.

The best part was there are no side effects, so it didn’t disrupt my day or my performance and that was a few years ago and since then I’ve had the Reliefband and I take it everywhere I go, it’s always in my purse and as someone who’s tried everything, I can honestly say it’s the best thing out there.

prevent seasickness

So when I put it on I noticed there’s a little tangle, it doesn’t hurt, you can go about your day. Sometimes I can even fall asleep wearing it.

I really like that there are no side effects, there’s no drug reactions, you know, you put it on, you take it off and you are yourself, there’s really just no change at all.

Again if I’m in the car, on a bus and I start to feel sick, it’s never too late with the Reliefband because you can put it on and within just a few minutes you right away start to feel better.

If you’re someone like me who’s had motion sickness, you’ll know it’s so terrible and you just wanted to stop.

I honestly recommend the Reliefband because you’ll see that it’s life-changing.

I know not everyone does get motion sick but I can say that if the water is rough enough, you may feel it.

My mother doesn’t get motion sick and she went on a cruise and she got really sick. The next time she went she took my Reliefband and she said the same thing – it was a game changer.

You know, if the water is rough enough, you’ll start to feel queasy and there’s no escape, you can’t get off the water, so I really do think that the Reliefband is something to think about even if you don’t naturally get motion sick.

My name is Maria, I’m from New York and I’m a physician.

I have a teenage daughter who has had motion sickness since she was born and each time we used to travel would take the car or the bus, we really had a problem with her becoming very sick, throwing up to the point that we have to stop the car or get off the bus for her to get some relief.

A few years ago we were traveling to Italy, to the beautiful mountain coast and there you have to travel by bus or by car, there’s no other way.

My poor girl, she was so sick that she said I don’t think I’m coming back to Italy.

Of course we tried some more common remedies. There is a pressure wristband that we tried several times. It really did not work, it worked just for a little bit at the beginning but then she had the same problem.

We also tried some homeopathic remedies, we asked friends, we asked everybody for some relief and she did not feel better with any of them.

stop airplane sickness

Only recently my boyfriend found the Reliefband just by chance on the internet looking for something else and we decided to give it try because we were planning a trip to Italy again and we knew that we would have a problem on our hands for sure.

So we decided to buy the Reliefband and when we got there, as we got off the plane we said you have to put this on because we have to take the bus to go to the place where we were staying.

She put it on right away and when we asked her how do you feel, do you feel sick, do we have to stop the car, do you need something, she said: no, I actually feel okay.

We were so happy and when we put it again exactly the same thing happened. It was unbelievable for us and for her.

The first time she put the Reliefband on, she felt a slight tingling. We had to adjust the intensity of the signal so she doesn’t feel any discomfort. So we just lowered the intensity, it was very simple to do, with a press of a button and when she felt comfortable, we stopped at that level and afterwards she actually completely ignored the signal that was coming from the wristband because it was not bothering her at all.

It was great because there was no side effect that she had from it and she could actually enjoy the trip. She had used in the past Dramamine which we bought from Italy and with that medication she did feel a bit sleepy and actually nauseous, which is funny because it’s supposed not to give nausea but she felt nauseous with it.

With the Reliefband she did not have any problem at all, which is great.

I would certainly recommend it to other people and I think I will be the first one to buy the Reliefband because I was sick during that trip and I was almost ready to ask her to lend me the Reliefband for a few minutes so I can feel better.

So I definitely would recommend this product.

My name is Kai, I live in Manhattan and I’ve struggled with being motion sick for most of my life. It started as a kid riding in the back seat of my parent’s car and it never really stopped.

Finally, I think I found something that actually helps.

I get really motion sick when I’m in a car and just focus on anything else but looking out of the window, but I can’t resist looking on my cell phone sometimes or even reading something and within 10 to 15 minutes I got really, really sick.

With Reliefband that’s basically gone and I can misbehave in that sense a little bit, so I can read in a car, check my email and that gets me going.

I like the fact that I can just put it on and there are no side effects or no drugs, nothing that I need to take and keep.

So it’s very non-invasive, very simple to use and I think that’s the major benefit. I’ll just turn it on and just go on with my life and do whatever I want to do.

stop car motion sickness

I got a review here for you about the product I use pretty much every day on my travels. I get pretty sea sick not just in oceans or rivers or lakes but I get seasick in cars and trucks and buses and anything that moves.

Because of it, I have to use a Reliefband device which you can get online, which wears like a wrist watch. It prevents you from getting sea sick, motion sickness.

It’s FDA-approved which is pretty darn awesome in my opinion.

I used to take Dramamine which is a little pill, which basically makes you super tired but it does work. But Dramamine can cause heart issues, it can cause heart palpitations and if you take too much you could basically perhaps die. So I don’t wanna mess with that stuff any more.

I used it for years and I would have to take it a half hour before doing anything fun or traveling and then I would fall asleep either on the bus or on the plane and when I get to my destination, the Dramamine will still be in my system so I can’t have fun with my friends, party or sit back, relax and drink a beverage.

Instead I just wanted to go to sleep and it was very not fun, plus you have to take a half hour before going anywhere, it’s such pain in the butt.

So finally about probably a year ago I got one of these. This is something called a Reliefband.

It works very well, perfectly, 100%. It is FDA-approved, When you get something FDA-cleared, it means it has to go through rigorous testing to see if it actually works and it does well. Vitamins for example are not FDA-cleared because there’s no proof that vitamins actually work. That’s a little example for you. Pacemakers are FDA-approved, vagal nerve simulators for seizure patients are FDA- approved.

And this is FDA-approved! This costs around a hundred dollars.

So what is Reliefband?

motion sickness relief

It’s a device which takes a watch battery, super easy to change the batteries – pull this tray out and then there it says up, that means it faces up, towards the air, towards the top of the device, and this is where you change the batteries, a simple little battery, little watch battery. So it’s super easy to replace – pull this out, put the new battery in, put it back in, close up this seal.

This thing is not waterproof so don’t go swimming with it, and you stuck all this back in here like this. It’s not waterproof but you can wear it all day long, just do not wash your hands with it or anything like that. Once you get this in there, it keeps that area kind of motion-proof and dust-proof in there.

To turn it on, you first wear it like this on your wrist, it wears just like a wristwatch, it can fit any size hand. To turn it on, press this button here and it sends a very small electrical impulse from here to here but across this nerve, which runs from here up to your brain stem. There is another nerve that connects to this same nerve but it runs from your stomach to here.

So what you do is this electrical impulse is greater than the impulse coming from your stomach, so this overrides the signal from your stomach, saying hey I don’t feel well, let’s vomit now. So this signal, that is stronger than the one that your stomach produces, so therefore your brain keeps on receiving this stimulation rather than your stomach stimulation, therefore you don’t feel sick and this thing works within minutes.

If you start feeling sick, put it on and it starts working within a couple minutes but they recommend that you put it on 15 minutes before you go on anywhere but you can just put it on five minutes before you go anywhere. Turn it on and hop on the plane or a boat or a bus or car and you will feel fantastic.

It’s also for pregnant women. If you feel nauseous because of the pregnancy, pop it on. If you feel nauseous because of the chemotherapy, pop it on, this thing is so miraculous.

These are gold-plated here for perfect connectivity and before you pop it on, it comes with a tube of electrical conductive gel, which is just basically a standard gel with salt in it. You can actually make your own.

If you ever run out of it and you are in an emergency, you can spit here, take some table salt, rub it on and then it will be conductive for a while till it dries out. You can take a hand sanitizer, put some salt on it and that can be backup as well. But just use this stuff, this stuff is cheap. You can get a tube of this for a dollar and it will last you for like a month or two if you use it every single day.

The device is very flat and it’s super light. So you put a little dab of the electrical gel right there. Rub it on, so it covers the area and you pop it on, strap it on, and then once it’s on, you press the button. It has number one through five and that’s how much power it sends from here and this will last for five hundred hours.

That’s a long time, 500 hours of anti nausea. That’s awesome!

So press the button once, and it will pulse, every time that blinks, it’s pulsing at a very low amount of energy, but some people have thicker skin or they are made differently, so you might want to bump it up to the next level, to 2.

This signal goes all the way up to level 5, which is for people that need a level 5 or if you feel really nauseous, pop it up to level five, but you want to use the lowest setting possible to save the battery. It’s kind of like any medicine, you don’t want to use a million milligrams or something, when only you need one milligram. Hold it down to turn it off. When it stops blinking, it’s off.

This is what it looks like when you’re wearing it. Very easy to put on, very comfortable. It has a nylon band. As I said it lasts for over 500 hours between battery changes. It comes with a tube of this stuff to get you going. You only need a little tiny smudge for it to work. So this tube will last you a couple months.

Here is the link to this guy here, so you can just see it, read the reviews, see other pictures, see how many stars it has – I think it has four-and-a-half stars out of 5, which means it’s perfect item and pick it up, buy it, you will not regret it, it will last you a lifetime and is FDA-cleared, which is the most amazing part. It also has a CE verification, which is darn awesome.

You have to reapply the gel every two or three hours because it does dry up on your wrist, not a big deal because you’re only going to be on the airplane for a couple of hours, maybe reapply the gel once or twice on airplane or whatever.

How Reliefband works

Your stomach sends ‘I’m going to vomit’ signal straight up this nerve to your brain but there’s another nerve that runs on your wrist straight up your arm and connects to the same nerve. This device produces an energy current greater than what your stomach produces, so your brain keeps on getting this signal from your wrist rather than ‘I’m gonna vomit’ signal.

Where to put Reliefband

motion sickness cure

You place it just right here, because there’s two bones right here, put it right here like two fingers below your wrist movement, right here this line, pop it right here, and you are good to go. Put a dab of the goo, pop it on, press the power button, and then you’re good to go.

Don’t get water on it, if you’re going to wash your hands, take it off, but are you really gonna wash your hands on a boat or a bus or on the airplane – no.

If you want to stop taking the Dramamine or anti nausea ginger pills or whatever, I tried everything under the sun for my whole life, nothing worked well. The Dramamine worked fantastic, yes, the rest of the stuff not so much.

But this thing has replaced my Dramamine. I can’t explain how much I need this in my life and again if you take chemotherapy for cancer treatment or if you’re pregnant or if you have some condition that you just get vertigo sometimes or you get nauseous for no reason or if you just get nausea from movement, get this, it will last you a lifetime.

After you first time use Reliefband, you will think how do I live without it.

If I’m on a transportation method, such as a bus or a mini van or car or airplane or boat or whatever, I do not like to waste my time, so I’ll take my phone, my little index cards and I’ll study. Before I cannot do that, if I look down for a brief second to read something, I would get super nauseous within 30 seconds flat.

But with this on, I can study while I’m on a car or plane or boat or whatever and not waste time.

A lot of people don’t even know this thing exists, which is perplexing. It has been around for over five or six years, I think it has been around for 10 years. They changed the coloring here and there but this is the most recent addition, it only comes in this color.

Here is the link to the most newest addition; don’t buy an old version, buy the newest technology possible this company makes cause the older ones that they can get on Amazon have different coloring but it’s older technology, for the same cost. Get the newest version they make in this color, pay the same amount as the old edition and have the most newest technology.

I should also say I bought this with my own money, my own hard-earned cash and I’m not being paid to sponsor this or anything like that, this is my own personal review.

When I review something I tell you the truth, I tell you the pros and cons, you know with the water purifiers or backpacking gear or traveling essentials to Asia or South America or backpacking, hiking etc. Sometimes there are cons, sometimes there’s negatives I should say to products. But this thing has no negatives, zero negative, it’s all positive, this is why this thing has I think four and a half maybe 5 stars out of five on amazon.

This link takes you directly to this model.

I’m sorry I was wrong, it doesn’t have a 500 hour battery, it has a 150 hour battery. The battery lasts for 150 hours of total use on the level 3 setting. So level 3 has 150 hours. If you have a level 5 it will last probably for 100 hours, if you have level one, which is what most people will use,it will probably last for 200 hours.

This is my second battery, I replaced it one time cause I use it all the time, cause I’m constantly traveling on chicken buses, I use it on speedboats because sometimes you take a speedboat from one side of an island to another, I use it on airplanes cause I do travel on airplanes a lot and even on minibuses, even taxis I have to wear it, so this is always with me.

It’s a lifesaver. You know anyone who is pregnant, it’s a great gift for pregnant people. If you know anyone that’s going through chemotherapy, I know what that’s like, it can be very nauseous, super nausea, this is what you need.

It’s worth it, it’s a great gift for yourself, get it, you will not regret it, it’s a lifesaver.

Click here to buy it!

What to take for seasickness on a cruise? Nothing!

There is no need to take any medication to feel good on your next cruise. All you need is this anti nausea wristband.

Reliefband Motion Sickness Band for a Cruise

Hi Cruisers, I’m super excited today because we have a really cool product to look at. Okay, first a little backstory on this and then we’ll jump right into checking out this cool looking thing.

So, you how know we said we would be trying to get a better variety of cruise gear to show you. We like to show you things that are really going to make a difference on your cruise. We were kind of brainstorming about it and thought “what makes a cruise better?” and then we thought “what makes a cruise worse?” and of course the first thing that came to mind was seasickness.

We’ve done a number of episodes on avoiding seasickness, but it’s been a while, so hubby starting researching to see if there was anything new we could share with you. And he found this really cool looking band from Reliefband called the Neurowave.

It was just introduced at CES in Jan 2017, and I’ve gotta say it looks pretty high-tech.

They are calling it “A breakthrough in Wearable Treatables” .

Wearables – that’s the 2017 buzzword … I think.

Anyway, my husband reached out to them for more information, and they kindly responded with a bit of a good news/ bad news thing.

The bad news is the Neurowave doesn’t come out until April 2017, the good news is they sent us the next best thing – this awesome little guy!

We didn’t have to pay for it like most things we look at here on CruiseGear, and we are completely free to review this honestly. That makes us think they have a lot of confidence in this product, but what do we think about it?

That’s the question we are going to answer for you, but first, let’s dig a little deeper.

You may have seen other motion sickness wristbands that work on the acupressure principle, in fact we’ve done at least one episode on those, but this little guy is quite a bit different.

Typical bands have a stud that puts pressure on the P6 acupressure point, which in turn provides relief from nausea associated with seasickness. According to the documentation, Reliefband generates a proprietary pulse from the underside of the device that stimulates the median nerve which is located under the skin near the wrist.

(I’m guessing that’s the same P6 acupressure point).

The signals transmitted through the skin to the median nerve travel through the body’s nervous system to the part of the brain that controls nausea and vomiting. The pulses have a rebalancing effect, normalizing nerve messages from the brain to the stomach and reducing symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

If you want more information about that they have a short little video that illustrates the process beautifully. Here it is:

Now let’s open this up and show you how to use it. See, you even get an unboxing. I’m telling you we are full service here on CruiseGear – right?

Okay, we got that out, now let’s get this stylish thing on my wrist.

The first step is finding the starting area on the wrist.

I’ve found the best way is to hold two fingers at the bend in the wrist. The starting point is just on the other side of your index finger here. Then you’re supposed to clean the area and apply the gel in a circle about the size of a nickel or maybe a quarter. Then place the device over the gelled area and secure it to your wrist. Press the power button here.

Starting at level 1 increase the level until you feel a tingling that runs through your palm and middle finger at a comfortable level. Then turn it off periodically to see if you still have symptoms. If so, turn it back on. You turn it off by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

Here’s what we like about this.

To us it seems like a high-tech twist on a remedy that has really been quite effective. When I’ve suffered from seasickness, I always relied on my wristbands. This just seems to take that whole approach to the next level. Personally I like to avoid taking pills and medications whenever possible, so this is a terrific alternative for me.

What we don’t like, and honestly we are kind of reaching here, at some point you’re going to have to buy more gel, and that’s kind of a bummer. In fact, the gel just seems like the weak link for this product.

I’m afraid I’ll lose it or run out when I need it, and I’d rather just pop it on my wrist and go. But, having said that, it is a bit nitpicky, and hey, if that’s what it takes, then that’s that.

Another thing is the price.

It was right around $95 at the time of this video, and for us that’s a bit steep … but when you consider what it is and what it does, well, it’s a small price … all the same, it stings a little.

Since I don’t really have much trouble with seasickness anymore we decided to scope out what people are saying on Amazon reviews, and it looks good. Overall it gets really solid reviews, and scored 4.1 stars out of 5, when we looked.

Now we always like to check the negative reviews for more insight, and it seemed to us that the majority of complaints were not related to its treatment of seasickness.

Aside from one comment about the gel causing a rash, quite a few seemed related to the product being purchased for something other than seasickness, morning sickness, vertigo, etc. Of course you’ll want to check that out yourself, as new reviews will continue to come in.

Overall we think this is a fine product and certainly worth trying if you suffer from seasickness.

Again, it is a bit pricey compared to acupressure type wristbands, but after looking into the design and the way this works, we really don’t think it’s a fair comparison.

And of course, if you think about how much you paid for the cruise, spending just a little more to make sure you’re able to enjoy it – is really a no-brainer.

Do you want to know how to prevent or treat sea sickness on a cruise ship? The following tips tell you what to do before you get on the boat and during the trip to minimize the feeling of sea sickness.

For me personally, the best way to prevent this type of motion sickness is with this anti nausea wrist band.

Let’s talk about seasickness.

Motion sickness is the devil. I’m going to show you how to win the battle against this evil tyrant. Nothing can ruin a dream vacation faster, so let’s do it.

For most people getting seasick is never really a problem but for some of us it can be mild to severe. This can happen to anyone at any time so I want to be prepared.

Now your first tip here is to stay hydrated. From the time before you board and continuing throughout your cruise, water is your friend and will help immensely. Please remember that.

For the mild symptoms, there are some natural approaches you can look at, such as food. Ginger seems to work for many people. The ginger candies or ginger snap cookies.

Fruit is good also, like apples, bananas. Lots of people say that peppermint helps also. Of course remember these ideas work best for people having just mild symptoms.

Another option is the wristband. I haven’t used this personally but I do know several people who do and I’m told they’re quite effective. These work by applying pressure to points on the wrist and are another natural remedy.

Moving along there are on the shelf and across the counter motion sickness medications such as Dramamine that do not require a prescription. In the past I’ve taken Dramamine at times when I will be flying or riding roller coasters and they worked quite well for me.

Lastly but certainly not least we have the motion sickness patch. For those who are somewhat more prone to seasickness or if it’s your first cruise and you’re not sure, this may be a better option.

This one does require a doctor’s prescription. It’s a small round patch that you wear on the soft part of your neck just behind the ear. It lasts for three days and then you need to put on a fresh one.

I have used this one also when cruising. For me, the upside is that it works best of anything that I’ve tried. I’ve never had even a hint of seasickness while wearing it and has never experienced any side effects from it whatsoever.

The downside is that it does require a prescription and it is more expensive than most of the other options. How expensive? Well I’m sure the cost will vary depending on your location and your pharmacy, etc.

My cost here to cover me for a full seven day cruise is about ninety dollars. Again that cost may be different for you and if it is let me know I might need to get new pharmacy.

I would like to leave you with just a couple more tips.

  • If you do sometimes get seasick or if you’ve never yet been on a cruise, some things to keep in mind when you book your cruise.
  • The bigger the boat the better because basically you feel less motion.
  • When choosing a cabin or stateroom, rather than the front or back of the ship, aim for the middle part. Again you’ll feel less motion.
  • Also you may want to consider one of the lower decks for the same reason, especially if it’s on a smaller ship.


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