Silk’n FaceFX Review (And 7 Other Anti Aging Products)

Best Rated Anti Aging Skin Care Products

The anti aging skin care industry is huge, with new products being introduced on a daily basis.

Because of this, you may find yourself wondering how to find the one that is most effective for your own signs of aging.

If you want to look 10 years younger or more, the following products can help you achieve your goal. They are proven to work, have hundreds of thousands of positive reviews and are recommended by dermatologists.

Top Rated Anti Aging Products That Work

Silk'n FaceFX
NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device
Baby Quasar MD PLUS
PRAI AGELESS Throat Ionic Device
SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum
SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic
Ferulic and Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum
StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream

Best Rated Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Silk’n FaceFX Device Review

FaceFX By Silk'n beauty tool review number 2

Awarded, a number one anti aging device around the globe, millions of users worldwide, FDA-cleared and it is one of the ultimate beauty devices that will allow you to get in there and really address the issues of fine lines and wrinkles.


It is a light based technology that uses red light. Many of you might have been hearing about red light. It is taking the beauty world by storm.

When you see before-and-after photos (in as little as seven weeks), this is unbelievable.

Even around that most delicate eye area, that periorbital area, where we have the thinnest of skin, where we show those first signs of aging, you can use your FaceFX all the way around.


If you’re seeing the gravitational pull is taking over you and you want to lift everything back up, this is your ticket now!

It feels so good when you do this treatment! Think about all the different beauty regimens that women put themselves through, but how many of them do they really enjoy? This is something you’re actually going to look forward to!

The reviews online are amazing: the best product I ever bought, pore tightener, plumps skin, fantastic product, a lot of OMGs!

It’s so unbelievable in the way that the science works and transforms your skin, getting rid of those crows feet, filling out those fine lines and wrinkles.

When you get this best rated anti aging gadget home, it comes with full instructions and it does have a 2-year manufacturer warranty. I love the fact that it is a corded device. This is sustained energy. Unlike a lot of rechargeable devices that lose life over time. This is actually something that’s going to be just as professional and powerful for you the first time you use it and 151 time you use it.

So simple and easy to do. It is one-button technology.


Best Skin Tightening Device

Immediately when you come in contact with the skin, the red light LED therapy is going to begin. The only device on the market today for at-home use that also encompasses the thermal heating. This is key!

You are now able to warm the skin to those optimal temperatures, allowing that red light therapy to go deeper than ever before. When you do this, you’re going to places that topical creams and masks can never reach.

When you see before and after photos, if you look at the before, you can basically count every line in the eye. In the after, it looks incredibly smooth and even in the eyelid area. When you open up the eye area, that is really turning back time.


The way in which it optimizes your very own collagen is completely staggering and that is one of the things that many women love about this. For so many of women that are looking for a more natural approach, this is your ticket because you’re not using anything but your very own collagen.

Using FaceFX is very easy:

You’re going to press the button, you will see the green light illuminate. As soon as the device comes in contact with your skin, 24 LED diodes lighten up, penetrating into the skin and the warmth feels like a wonderful massage.


You you’re going to want to do this more but it is only recommended that you need to do this three times per week for four weeks.

Silk’n say: “Give me a month and I’m going to give you back 10 years.”

This is no joke! You are working on long-term benefits. This is not a quick fix that is going to last you a day. This is long-term results. How do you maintain those great result? Once per week!

All these years you were constantly putting stuff on the top of your skin to improve those fine lines and wrinkles. What about working from the inside out? That is what FaceFX is doing. It is working from the inside out. How? It is using that thermal heating. It warms the skin to those optimal temperatures.

This is what’s happening under your skin. As you age, those collagen and elastin fibers start to wither away, break down and then you lose your support system for the epidermis, the top of the skin.

As you’re aging and your support system is breaking down, you’re developing the fine lines and wrinkles. You need to build that structure back up again. You need to smooth everything back out.

That is exactly what you’re doing here because by using that thermal heating, you have now warmed the skin and you’ve invited that red light therapy to go deeper than ever before. You are igniting your very own collagen, literally waking it up and bringing you back volume.

You have great opportunity to be able to see such a huge difference in your skin!

If you use the face lift device in the evening, you will wake up in the morning with your skin feeling like a different person!

When you are done doing your treatment, about 15 minutes or so, in circular motions and you apply a serum or a cream, your skin drinks it up like a glass of water because your skin is warm, you have now opened up the pores, you invited that hydration in.

If you are struggling with 11 lines or the crow’s feet area or that delicate skin around that periorbital area, this is truly a savior for you because most products out there tell you to stay away from the eye area.

Going into that extremely delicate area and being able to optimize your very own collagen is amazing! You are not using anything unnatural, you are not using a bunch of chemicals, you are using what you already have!

Did you know that you actually have energy sources in your collagen. They’re called fibroblast and they can kind of get tired and dull after a while, just like us as we age. So when you treat the area with that LED red light therapy and warm it up, you wake up those fibroblasts so that the collagen fibers can start expanding. You are giving back volume!

Think about it. If you’re getting the sinking in under the eyes, the reason you’re getting that is because you’re breaking down the tissue underneath. You want to build that back up. This is going to give you the volume!

It gets even better – full skin rejuvenation, minimizing pores, evening out skin tone and texture. All in one device.

Again, FaceFX makes your skin more receptive to the serums and the products that you’re going to use with it. But the bottom line is, you are getting the ultimate of the most important technology that is out there in the beauty world right now – the red light therapy combined with the thermal heating!

This anti aging unit is all about giving you simple ways to not only refresh your beauty routine but you really take your skin to the next level and I think that’s something we all want to do.

So before you go out and spend a lot of money on a lot of other products, get the Silk’n FaceFX and give it a try!


NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device


This best rated anti aging system is a portable facial toning device, FDA-cleared for facial stimulation and is packed with some powerful lifting effects.

It’s the most affordable way to get this amazing technology at home!


This is literally the same technology that professional aestheticians are using day in and day out around the country in the most exclusive high-end resorts, spas and salons.

This device was literally developed by an aesthetician! It’s something that gives you immediate results!

Sometimes you have to wait and wait and wait to get good results but the great thing with NuFACE is immediately you’re getting lifted, you’re getting toned, you’re seeing your jawline and your cheekbones defined and your eyes lifted.

Mini model is exactly the same head as the full-size Trinity! The same treatment area, the same power, the same size. The difference is that Trinity has an interchangeable head, Mini does not.

It comes with a small tube with the gel primer. That is very important, that’s what conducts the microcurrent.

How does this work?

You only need a tiny little bit of gel and the best thing to do is apply the gel in the area you’re working on, so your gel will last you forever.

You’re going to slowly glide along the contours of the face. Place both probes and slowly glide. There is a five second timer and you can hear it. Go slowly because five seconds are longer than you think.


You gonna start at the beep and glide to the beep. Repeat three times. You will see a difference the first time you use it and as you continue to use it, the results are more marked and they last longer.

How often to use it?

When you first get started, you use it for five minutes, five times a week. Just like working out, because that’s what you’re doing essentially for your face.

When you start seeing the results you want, go down to maintenance – two to three times a week.

Now if you have something important coming up or you want to focus on a certain air, do it!

It really is something that makes a big difference and it’s the reason women are willing to pay for this professionally and now you can do it at home.


If you notice in the before picture, she looks tired, the eye is hooded, there’s not a lot of room for eye shadow, whereas in the after picture, between the brow and the eyelashes, the eye is more open, it’s whiter, it’s refreshed, you get that instant visible wow – you don’t look so tired anymore.

This is like a personal trainer for your face!

Look at this before and after:


This is after 60 days. Look at how in the before, everything is settling. It the after, look at how her eyes are going up on the outer edges. Her cheekbones look like they’re up, they look more defined, they look lifted. The corners of her mouth turned up. She looks like her daughter!

One of the problems women have is the jowls because skin care does not address that. If the problem is underlying, that’s what you need to address.


This is my favorite. If you see the skin in the before, that’s hanging and settling right underneath the jaw line. In the after, look at the definition, contoured, beautiful, definition of the jawline.

Here’s what’s so great – no pain, no suffering! It’s five minutes a day, five times a week for the first 60 days. Then you can decide if you want to keep doing it five days a week or if you want to go to two or three times a week for maintenance. But literally you can decide what parts of your face you want to spend more time on.

This is the same technology that is used by professionals on women day in and day out. The most exclusive five-star resorts and spas uses this. And now you can get the results at home and I have to tell you it makes a huge difference!

You can use it with any of your other skin care. You don’t have to change anything. This is going to work with any skincare that you’re using. It’s going to actually make you love your skin care more!

What you’re doing is you’re addressing the underlying issue and by doing that and lifting everything, you’re going to love the way your skin looks that much more from your skin care.

How it works

Microcurrent is soft, gentle waves that are not painful, they don’t hurt. You are lifting and toning the areas that you are particularly concerned with, normalizing the overused areas, like the 11s you get from squinting or the parentheses you get around your mouth from smiling, while also stimulating underused areas like the jawline, the cheeks and the jowls.


Everyone’s different but this is what the possibilities are! When you do this I believe you’ll see a difference immediately and if you use it consistently, you will notice those differences get better and better and they last longer and longer.

That’s what’s really exciting. From the first time you get it home, you’re going to see something and people love that. When you go to the gym, it takes a while to see results. But then once you start seeing the results, you’re so happy. With this you get the immediate results!

It’s one of those things that makes so much sense because all the skin care in the world isn’t going to work on what’s underneath your skin exactly! This is a whole different level. This is what professionals do.


Baby Quasar MD PLUS

BabyQuasar Red Light Therapy Results


Baby Quasar anti-aging LED light device is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and actually the only way in which your body can create its own collagen and elastin with the help of the photons from this great device.

Baby Quasar MD PLUS

Your body begins producing less collagen and elastin as you grow older. It leads to wrinkles and fine lines. Topical products can only reach so far, but Baby Quasar tool penetrates deeply into the skin, to stimulate collagen and elastin, thereby diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

The red Baby Quasar device is a skincare tool that produces a natural light that works on all skin types and tones. Unique among skincare treatments, it produces long-lasting results, and only requires occasional treatments to maintain benefits.


Light technology is key in order to get amazing anti-aging results. Baby Quasar MD Plus contains four wavelengths of light, specifically designed to penetrate deeper than lotions and creams ever could.

Multiple wavelengths of light penetrate the tissue to different depths which allow for even treatment of your skin. The test results showed that the Quasar products are four to five times more powerful than the other light therapy products.

The normal treatment regimen would be as follows: treatment is 3 minutes in each area, and you are treating 5 times a week for the first 8 weeks.

Here is how to use it:

First, start by cleansing your face. A very important step. Then, if you choose to use a serum, apply at this time. Let that serum completely sink in. Refrain from using creams and lotions until after you complete your treatment. Creams and lotions are thicker, and they can cause a barrier to the skin, preventing light penetration.

To show you how big of an area you should be treating for three minutes at a time, you can actually use the palm of your hand as an example. You should make circles on an area about the size of the palm of your hand for three minutes.

So if you apply the device to your face, the palm of your hand would be either half of your cheek, or the area around your eye, or half of your forehead. You can pretty much do your entire cheek for three minutes before you move to the next area.

Baby Quasar MD PLUS-review

How to treat the areas? Well you can go in circular motions, or sweeping back and forth or up and down. The jawline is perfect for these back-and-forth motions. The cheek is perfect for the circular motions, and around the eye, treat in a C-motion, or reversed C-motion. It is totally safe to do that, you can close your eyes, and treat for three minutes.

Also, feel free to treat other areas of concern for three minutes. If you want to focus on the wrinkles around the eye, you would focus there. If you had some wrinkles in your forehead, your parentheses lines, you can focus on those areas as well.

If you are getting some treatments done in the salon, you can definitely combine your Quasar device. But after receiving injections and fillers, wait two weeks before you treat in the area of the injection or filler. This will give the injection and filler time to settle.

You may use your Quasar MD Plus immediately after a microdermabrasion treatment or chemical peel. Make sure all products from the chemical peel are completely washed off, before using the light.

How about after care?

After each treatment use a moisturizer to ensure your skin is sufficiently hydrated. You may use other skincare products as you like. Quasar tool do not cause any sun sensitivity.

After using the Quasar MD Plus you may experience redness of the skin that should be gone after two hours.

Baby Quasar MD PLUS-box

PRAI AGELESS Throat Ionic Device

PRAI Beauty AGELESS Throat Ionic System


This is the only tool in history created for the neck, throat and decollete! It is the only throat device that was designed to lift, tighten and firm your neck area. If you want to have a firmer, tighter look to your neck, you need this tool!


There is no other tool like this in the world! A fabulous device for the throat! But not just for the throat but the chest area as well! It is not just about lines or wrinkles or turkey neck or double chin. It is about when your entire chest loses its under cushion. Do you know what I mean? When you press it, you can feel thin skin, bones and everything starts to sag and droop.

You also get a serum. It has a positive charge just like the device itself. This is like an intervention for throat aging!

How does this throat device work?

Two positives repel. In the serum, there is an ingredient that has a positive charge. The device also has a positive charge. What is happening, it is repelling, driving, pushing it into the skin, so those ingredients really get to where they’ve got to go to. This is iontophoresis. No one else is doing this.

It takes 45 seconds, once a day and wait till you see a result. You literally run the device over the serum. There’s no tingling, there is no pain, there is no sensation. It pushes the wrinkles up and out.

Using it is very simple.


You put on your serum with upward strokes across the chest and then all you do is touch the button, make sure you get the red light and that’s it. Run it and you glide up.

When you see the before and afters, you are going to go wow! Every single of these women below is actually 65 or older. Before and after 7 days, applied twice per day:


This is a cosmetic way to empower you and put you in control of the look of that aging process.

A lot of women out there focus on the chin up. But what are you going to do about that chicken skin, creepy neck or those wrinkly chest? That is your dead giveaway when it comes to age.

You have to try this device. If you are looking in the mirror and you’re seeing that scaffolding that’s starting to hang, if you’re seeing that little wrinkly crinkly, if you’re seeing that creepy skin, this is not only going to deliver results in a way that product alone cannot do.

That’s the genius behind the tool! This device is always going to generate more profound results, always going to take that wonderful sculpting, uplifting into a whole new level.

Even the world-class products cannot do any good if they are sitting on the surface of your skin. If they’re not penetrating, if they’re not going to the root of the problem, then you know that you are not getting anywhere.

You saw those before and afters and that was in seven days time. The gym is hard, the diet’s hard, the treadmills are hard, but this is very easy. This is just 45 seconds! The more you use it, the better the results are.

In a very short time, you truly could have a new neck! PRAI AGELESS Throat Ionic Device is helping to turn back the hands of time in terms of the look of aging on your neck, on your chest and on your decollete.

Throat and neck are the new face! When people look at you now, they don’t look at your face, they look at your neck to figure out how old you are.

Remember, all those skincare products cannot help you if they are not penetrating or going to the root of the problem. That is why this tool is so genius. It is designed in a way to be delicate but effective. And it actually feels really calming and soothing in a lot of ways but it is getting those products to the root of the problem so that you start to see a difference on your skin.

Try it and get the contour to your neck area back, get that jawline back that you want, start wearing the lower cut shirts that you want and start receiving compliments on your neck and decollete.

In just one week! You constantly see things where it says 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. Forget that! In one week you can take that turkey neck and go to that swan-like appearance.


SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

SkinMedica TNS | Anti-Aging and Growth Factors | Must Know Info


If you’ve been looking for a product to actually help reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum maybe just right for you. So many women and men are swearing by this serum. It also gets rave reviews from skin experts as well.


All you need to do is simply pump once in the morning and once at night!

This is great product because it doesn’t have a lot of filler ingredients, it’s not perfumey and it’s just natural. It’s one of those products that’s your one stop shop. It goes on smoothly, it’s non greasy and it actually does feel like it moisturizes your face.

It’s packed with four of seven categories of skincare that are essential to your face. You’re going to have a light bleaching agent, which is alpha arbutin (to even out your pigmentation), a vitamin C and E complex as well as peptides and 110 growth factors.

The best ingredient you can integrate into your daily and nightly skincare routine are proteins. These proteins are concentrated 93.6 percent in TNS Essential Serum and these proteins occur naturally in your tissue. They’re responsible for healing your tissue. That’s why as we age we don’t heal as well. So it’s really important to increase your level of proteins in your skin to accelerate the healing.

The other thing these proteins are vital for are thickening and making more collagen. The TNS proteins are clinically proven, for twice daily dosage, to thicken your collagen faster than your body is destroying it. How quickly your collagen is broken down on a percentage per year? 20% per year!

TNS growth factors thicken your collagen faster than your body’s breaking it down. That’s why this is an incredible corrective serum.

However, correction is not everything. You have to make sure that you’re preventing as well. You must make sure that you’re preventing more damage from happening and to do that you need antioxidants.

This product is a dual-chamber product. The first chamber is the 93.6% protein and the second chamber is the preventive blend of three peptides, seven antioxidants and two specialty ingredients. Those seven antioxidants are going to protect your skin from the further damage.


What is TNS serum based on?

It’s based on the nutrients that scientists have found and isolated in foreskins!

So what they did, they took foreskins after somebody who was just circumcised, obviously. They isolated something similar to stem cells, proteins and other things that stimulate new skin growth.

This is serious science. What happened is years ago scientists realized they could take a few cells from the source, the young, healthy, living skin cells and they could grow them and by growing them they could get them to produce this amazing mixture core TNS, which has over a hundred growth factors in it.

It was a world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick who took the science one step further and realized that we could take “the soup” for the skin because it heals aging.

But do not worry! There’s no foreskin, no tissue in the bottle – there are only growth factors!

The only thing that’s shocking about this product is how well it works!


It has a very distinctive aroma and that’s a good thing because that is a sign of all those proteins that are going to work in your skin. It will give you a little bit of a glow when you apply it but what’s even more important is what is going to be doing once it’s put on your skin – it’s going to be stimulating collagen and reversing aging.

How to use TNS Essential Serum

First invert the bottle and tap the top several times into the palm of your hand. This will prime the bottle’s delivery system to make sure you get the same amount of product everyday.

Press on the very center of the pump, dispensing the product onto the back of your hand. You’re going to immediately see that both chambers have released product because the dollop is both orange and white.

Blend the two sides together. Everyone comments on the silky texture.

Smooth it on your face, neck and even your decollete if you like.

You’re going to do this in the morning and evening after cleansing, toning and before applying any other product. So in the morning you’ll follow with a moisturizer, sunscreen, then your makeup. In the evening, after TNS serum, you’ll apply your retinol, then your moisturizer.

How long should you use the product?

Because we never stop aging, TNS Essential serum should be an ongoing part of your daily skincare regimen. With daily use, you’ll start to see healthier skin after just one month, but the benefits will be the most noticeable after 90 days.

A huge study has found that the TNS boosts collagen by 37 percent in only 60 days! That is more than any other products out there!

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic review - Fighting Fifty


This award-winning antioxidant is a very powerful treatment that protects the skin from signs of aging and environmental damage. But it’s also great for correcting signs of aging.


It can address things like fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, even laxity along the jawline which can be very difficult to treat with an over-the-counter product.

It contains two vitamins, C and E, that fight free radical damage. These vitamins also reduce wrinkles by increasing firmness and replenishing collagen.

It also includes .05% Ferulic Acid (a plant based antioxidant) that prevents pigmentation from sun damage.

C E Ferulic replenishes essential lipids to improve the skin’s barrier function.

It’s such a powerful multi tasker that can help prevent photo damage or environmental aging which is aging caused by elements such as UV exposure, pollution or even cigarette smoke.

What I particularly love about this product is that the vitamin E is also moisturizer so not only do you get powerful photo damage protection, you get this wonderful feeling of hydration and nourishment to the skin.

After applying the serum, your skin becomes beautiful and smooth and radiant and that is in part to the vitamin E that’s given the suppleness and moisture to the skin.

More importantly, this serum is protecting your skin against any possible environmental element that could age you before your time.

It is applied in the morning after cleansing. You should use 4 to 5 drops to dry face, neck and chest to ensure that it can penetrate into the skin where it can start to do it’s corrective or preventive work. Once your skin absorbs this serum, it cannot be washed off or rubbed off. It remains effective for about three days.

C E Ferulic can be applied on normal, dry or sensitive skin.

Reduction in coarse wrinkles, improved skin firmness and a brightened complexion:


Martha Stewart is also using this treatment:

Martha's Skin Care Regimen - Martha Stewart

It is not only one of SkinCeuticals best selling products, it’s also one of top-selling antioxidants.

The product itself comes in a small glass bottle with the pipette. The glass of the bottle is dark which helps to limit light exposure that can cause oxidization of the product inside. It’s also important to remember to close the lid really tightly after use because exposure to air will also cause this oxidization.

The serum is a lightweight, water like consistency and it’s slightly orange color. After massaging into the skin using your fingertips, the product leaves a really healthy glow and it always feels soft and hydrated.

After use over time, you will notice a big improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Reduction in fine lines around the eye area:


The product does have a rather large price tag but as you are only using four or five drops every morning, a little goes a long way.

It’s a fantastic anti-aging product to start using no matter your age.

A lot of people ask if they take multivitamin supplements with a vitamin C, isn’t that enough. It simply is not. You can imagine how little vitamin C is in a vitamin supplement, how much of that is absorbed by the body and how very little of that actually gets to the skin. It’s just not enough to do an oral vitamin.

Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum

Best Eye Creams & Serums | Gothamista


So many of people complain about the skin around their eyes. That is the number one concern they have because it makes them look older.

When you make that part of your face younger, the difference is profound.

This eye serum improves the fine lines and wrinkles and improves uneven skin tone around the eye. It also works on the upper eyelids. It helps that creepy texture and firms the skin of the upper lid as well. So you can make the entire eye area look younger.


It is no secret that retinol is the best for fighting age, but Dr. Gross has found a way to up the retinol.

Women complain that as they get older they see that their skin is losing that firm texture, it’s losing that smoothness. So if you are over 35 years old, you need to use retinol because that is a scientifically proven, top number one anti-aging ingredient that firms your skin, smooths your skin, brightens your skin and makes the skin look so radiant.

This is a scientifically advanced formula. Dr. Gross have taken away that harshness and made it gentle. Non-irritating, for all skin types and it’s boosted with ferulic acid – it’s taken to another level to go after fine lines and wrinkles.

This is liquid retinol and is delivered quickly to the skin. You only need a few drops, it’s so potent and it gets to work fast. It’s delivered fast, it gets your results fast and it works to make your skin look brighter even before you put on your makeup, then your makeup just glides on.

Clinical studies about this product have found (just 14 days of use):

  • 93 percent said it helped to reduce fine lines around the eye area after 3 weeks.
  • 93 percent said that it exfoliated their skin, leaving it smoother.
  • 93 percent noticed an improvement in texture around eyes in just 2 weeks.
  • 90 percent said their overall skin looked younger.
  • 90 percent said their skin has an overall glow.
  • 100 percent agreed this serum was gentle on the their eyelids.


Take a look at the before photo. Look at how she has lost that firm texture to her skin. Makeup would be very difficult to cover that up. You can see after 14 days, her entire eye area looks refreshed, she looks younger, skin is smooth, those fine lines and wrinkles look so much better. This is just 14 days, that’s all you need to do.

You can also get that younger look back by using retinol because this is the tried-and-true ingredient but now it’s been boosted with ferulic acid and that’s another potent anti-aging ingredient. This is something that comes from cherries and fennel and artichoke and when you combine retinol with ferulic acid another potent natural anti-aging ingredient, you’ve taken retinol to another level.


Another big breakthrough with this product is you can use it in the morning with sunscreen. You can wake up, wash your face, apply just a few drops to your entire face, and it immediately gets that bright glow, your dullness is gone and then you put on your makeup and it takes your makeup to the next level because your skin is so smooth, your makeup just glides on.

So morning use has become a real breakthrough with this product and it has been made gentle. In a old days, retinol has been harsh. Many people had a tough time using it. Dr. Gross have cracked the code. He have found a way to make retinol gentle, non-irritating, there’s no tightness, there’s no dryness so everyone can use it of all skin types.

If you really want younger looking skin, truly younger, beautiful skin, you must use retinol!

StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream

StriVectin - TL Tightening Neck Cream | Lucky Pick Product Review


When you talk anti-aging, more often our necks are giving away our true age, more than our faces.

Thank goodness for StriVectin because this cream has been a game changer when it comes to treating your neck area.


If you’re not using a neck cream you really should consider it because the skin on the neck is way different than the skin on our face. As we age, we start to see our first signs of aging around the eye. If you do the pinch test, the skin around the eye and the skin around the neck is so much more similar than it is on the cheeks. That’s because we have a little more fatty tissue in our face.

So we start to see the fine lines, the wrinkles and the crow’s feet around the eyes.

But while we’re more worried about our face, we neglect the neck. You are not paying attention to putting sunscreen on your neck and then all of those years of sun exposure and the breakdown of collagen and elastin suddenly show up.

You wake up one morning and you’re like where did these wrinkles come from? How did this happen?

How to apply StriVectin cream

Take a nickel sized amount and then emulsify your fingers because this is going to warm it up. It’s a more dense texture than your regular facial moisturizer. Start right at the base of the throat because this is where you start to see the first signs of aging and then go all the way up, really get into that jawline because you want to make sure that you’re keeping that jawline nice and defined.

Go all the way up, behind the ears and even through the back, into your hairline, because especially when you’re wearing your hair up, people see you coming and going.

After you do that, bring it all the way down into your decollete. If you’re a side sleeper, when you wake up in the morning, you have these lines on your decollete that look like a wrinkled t-shirt.

Apply the cream every morning and night.

This cream is actually the best selling product at StriVectin. The reason why is because it’s able to clinically improve your neck texture, firmness and elasticity. As we age, everyone has different things that they see on their neck and this is going to address all of them.

The proprietary molecule is called NIA-114 and it is a concentrated form of niacin. When you mix that with the Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex and the peptides, that is going to really help you to see those amazing transformational results.

Take a look at the before:


You see she’s got those two lines in the middle, she’s got that tech neck, look at the base of her throat, that’s where we all start seeing the first signs of aging, she has some hash tagging happening, some creepiness.

In the after, after 14 days, she’s matching the study that says the cream is going to improve creepiness, elasticity and neck wrinkles.

Here is another dramatic before and after. This is after eight weeks:


It shows why you need to rub it into your jawline, to rub it all the way up into the chin. You can see she’s got her jaw back.

A consumer study found that a 100 percent of the women said that their neck felt softer, smoother and more hydrated, so what that equals is a younger, healthier-looking neck.

There’s a reason it’s the best selling product in StriVectin’s line – they sell one every six minutes!

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